Big Tech Censorship Getting Worse: YouTube Censors Popular Conservative Comedian Steven Crowder

By RACHEL ALEXANDER Published on June 6, 2019
The Stream
Photo Credit: YouTube / The Stream

Big tech censorship of conservatives continues. Once they censored conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and other rightwing figures. Now they’re targeting mainstream conservatives, including big influential ones. YouTube, which is owned by Google, just demonetized the videos of popular conservative comedian Steven Crowder. He will no longer be able to make money from them. 

His “Louder with Crowder” has more than 3.8 million YouTube subscribers. He’s not exactly Stream material. His latest show, titled “Debunking ‘Universal Income’ Scam,” gives a good example. It includes an invented video of Joe Biden’s video producer reacting to his getting handsy with a little girl (it starts at 5:25). It also includes a list of the top seven books for drag queen story hour (it starts at 14:30). One is “The Grooming Tree.”

The incident arose when Vox video host Carlos Maza went on a rampage demanding that YouTube censor Crowder. Maza’s Twitter name is “gaywonk” and his Twitter biography includes “Marxist pig. Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist.” He presents a video series called “Strikethrough” for the news site Vox.

Crowder started critiquing Maza’s videos two years ago. His critiques apparently began after Maza created a video calling for the removal of right-of-center perspectives from news coverage. Maza launched a twenty tweet, obscenity-laced tirade in response. He claimed that Crowder’s supporters attacked him every time Crowder talked about him. “These videos makes me a target of ridiculous harassment, and it makes life sort of miserable. I waste a lot of time blocking abusive Crowder fanboys, and this s*** derails your mental health” (asterisks added), he said in one tweet.


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