PRESS RELEASE: Free America Law Center launches fight for Covington Kids and the Constitution

August 1, 2019

Photo credit: screengrab

Photo credit: screengrab

Washington D.C. Attorney Robert Barnes, who offered his services pro bono for the students from Kentucky's Covington Catholic High School after they received social media threats and endured media and celebrity libel and defamation, filed suit today on behalf of 8 students and their families. Defendants include Senator Elizabeth Warren, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, Congresswoman Deb Haaland, CNN commentator Ana Navarro, the editor of Mother Jones, and others.

Robert Barnes of Barnes Law received a groundswell of support for the Covington fight and for the broader fight against the three "D's" of deplatforming, defamation, and deep state whistleblowing. In response, he and a team of legal and constitutional experts announced the launch of The Free America Law Center (

With the promise "The people have spoken and they have been heard", the FALC promises to democratize and equalize the legal system for victims of digital and other forms of censorship. The member-driven organization depends on monthly subscriptions of $17.76 to sustain their fight. Members receive exclusive voting rights on potential cases, weekly Q & A podcasts with legal experts, and monthly Bill of Rights book series by Constitutional lawyers.

"What happened to the Covington Boys should never happen again," said Barnes. "People across the country emailed me. They phoned my offices, asked me in person the same thing: "Is there an organization out there willing and ready to defend people against defamation & deplatforming?' In response to their requests, I co-founded just such an organization. Now it up to the people to help us by becoming members of Free America Law Center so we can all democratize & equalize the law for all the people."

FALC's current legal battles include Covington, a case for deep state whistleblower Robyn Gritz against the FBI, high profile libel cases for high profile media members, and class action cases against social media to come.